Bill Rayner’s Projects


Bill Rayner is a Sydney based consulting mechanical design engineer working in a wide variety of fields with a common thread of innovation.

This site was set up to answer questions from the many people interested in cuttermouse as featured on ABC TV’s “The New Inventors” on 22 April 2009. On the rest of the site you will find details of the cutter plus a bit of background on the designer and some of his other inventions.

Bill now works mostly on creating and designing his own inventions, he continues to consultant to industry and creative individuals (see, the projects on this site are all self-initiated, and and funded, except for the toy and boat which are part funded by others.

If you are interested in any of these projects commercially, or just curious, please contact Bill here.

Are you looking for Scissor Mouse?

It’s one of Bill’s inventions click here for details

or here for more technical info